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Letter: GOP should back Trump as a better choice than lawless Democratic candidate
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When I see law and order attacked and the lawless emboldened by the leadership in our country, I find it extremely troubling. Then we see a person who has been proven to be a habitual liar and grossly incompetent nominated for the highest office in the land. Assuming this is the future norm, how can we survive as a nation our founders envisioned and spelled out in our Constitution?

There abounds lawlessness in the street but also in high places (the latter being the primarily cause of the former). Examples: $400 million of ransom money, a nuclear agreement with Satan, etc. When those responsible are questioned they have the unmitigated audacity to assume they know best and we should not question their “wisdom” in spite of recent history which is crowded with their sponsored disasters.

We are fast becoming a land not of laws but a land of the lawless. In conjunction, the Democratic Party has been a refuge for leaders of this dangerous trend. The Dems are dominated by those who have no love for our country but are solely focused on their lust for power and control. Because of this, they have put us at great risk and exposure to a catastrophe of frightening proportions from both a financial perspective and safety. If we legitimize them with power, we do so at great peril to ourselves and our children’s future.

On the other hand, the Republican Party could learn a lot from the Dems. They stand together come hell or high water. How many Dems have you heard berating Hillary Clinton when she was caught in numerous lies and other nefarious activity of colossal scope? Not only were they silent but an overwhelming majority of them nominated her without a grain of shame or apology to the American people.

Yet we see too many Republicans slamming our nominee. Donald Trump has some warts; he was not my choice, and he has done and said some things I do not like or agree with, but he is by far the best choice. He may not make our country as great again but he will not turn it into a banana republic and appoint judges who will shred our Constitution and abolish the rights so many have bled and died for. However, I would suggest that someone hobble his tongue and feed him a few alligator steaks to thicken his ever so sensitive thin skin.

We need to unite! The very soul of our nation is at stake. Trump was not nominated by Mitch McConnell or by John McCain or by the good old boys in the smoke filled back rooms of skullduggery politics but by the people, some 14 million, as I recall. Back off and help. Let the big dog hunt!

Gary Gambrell

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