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Letter: Good has come from homeless camp closing
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I have been working with the homeless for many years now.

I actually believe a lot of good has happened from the bridge closing down. So many — I believe eight people — are in the Avita program with a warm place to sleep.

One you should talk to is Mari, who slept under the bridge for four years. She is really happy at her new home.

They all are happy under the program, and as far as I know, six out of eight are doing good under the program.

I also work with the veterans. One just moved back to Ohio today. Another is waiting for a place at Avita. Another I went to help get an ID, which was a nightmare. Our governor needs to improve the system to get an ID.

Another is in an apartment, and another likes the wilderness.

I see them all, and they are happy.

Wendy Paradis


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