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Letter: Georgians should rise up against paying for nuclear boondoggle
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Once again Tom Crawford has warned Times readers about the uncontrolled power the Public Service Commission holds over their pocketbooks. (Oct. 12 column).

The nation is calling for change, but when it is presented with an opportunity to actually participate, it sits on its hands. Yes, this is another tirade against Georgia Power and its ongoing effort to build two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. It’s the best example of a boondoggle I can think of.

No investor, not on Wall Street or any private entity, will put money into nuclear power, not when safer, cheaper, cleaner sources of electricity are coming online at an ever-increasing rate.

How is Georgia Power doing this? By charging the ratepayer. How does it get away with it? Because the PSC gives Georgia Power whatever it wants, even when its own staff advises otherwise.

People, if you really want change, call for a public hearing to look into the matter. Do it now, and do it in this paper for all to see.

Joan O. King

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