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Letter: Focus of voters should be on who is best able to save nation
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There is a story about a physician that had to perform a life saving operation on their own child. When asked how they had the courage to do such a thing, they answered I had to forget who I was working on and focus on saving their life.

That is the situation every voter finds themselves in this election season. We need to look beyond the personalities and focus on saving the United States.

I do not admire either candidate, but I do love this country. Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, with the Bill of Rights, are the greatest foundational documents of any society in the history of government. That foundation has allowed our people more personal freedom and greater economic opportunity than any form of government ever known to man. The government established by those documents included division of responsibilities and provided a system of checks and balances that allowed this nation to maintain individual freedom and provide an ever-increasing standard of living for its citizens.

Until 2008. Since the election of Barack Obama with his goal of fundamentally changing America, the balance of power has been undermined by executive orders. The limited government required by the 10th Amendment has given way to increased government control. The freedom for people to guide and direct their own lives has been replaced with thousand of bureaucrats and millions of words or regulation.

We must not vote for the candidate who will continue the assault on personal liberty. The candidate who will further erode our economic stability. The person who has proven they are deceitful and careless with our national security. The candidate with an agenda to reduce the United States to a Third World power. The candidate who believes a weak military is the best way to achieve peace. The candidate who believes that a socialist government is the ultimate good government.

We must vote for the candidate who believes in making America great again. The candidate who values our constitutional government. The candidate who desires to make our country secure and believes the best offense is a good defense. That candidate is the only choice for anyone, Republican or Democrat, male or female, white or of color that has a patriotic bone in their body. That candidate is the only choice if you have a moral conscience, know right from wrong and are repelled by deceit.

This election is more important than personalities. This election will determine the course of our country for generations to come.

Our focus needs to be on saving the United States of America.

Thomas Day

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