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Letter: Electoral College keeps bigger cities from taking power from small states
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When I see someone wanting to change the Electoral College system for electing our president (as discussed in The Times on Friday). I realize they have not studied it as I have. Because critics only look at vote totals, they remain in a one-dimensional aspect of the Electoral College and miss all the other benefits.

The Founding Fathers knew that big populous states would soon begin to dominate the election and in effect become bullies toward the smaller states. So the Electoral College was created to give smaller states a voice.

If today we adopt popular vote only, then New York City, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Seattle and Dallas would select our president and shut the rest of us out. I don’t want to have anything to do with a bullying system.

Leave the Electoral College alone. It works.

William Cason

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