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Letter: Elections, legislative process are steered by media corporations

If you have watched the news in the last year, much has been said by commentators on the subject of media bias. In this case, bias means to control the beliefs of the people to drive their actions. The media has become a propaganda machine for an agenda many know little about.

As we grew up, we trusted the media and believed they strived for accurate reporting. This past year, however, it is obvious the media has an agenda to control the people’s perceptions. The media controls facts in the same way a butcher makes a hamburger for your grill. Both have the ability to add or remove the fat before you consume it. The media offers the people partial truth, along with untruths, to form a false belief or perception.

Many critics have directed their comments back to the mainstream media and commentators concerning their false narratives, in the hope of restoring integrity, but to no avail. As a result, the credibility of the media as a nonbiased public service has gone down the toilet.

So why has this been allowed to continue and what does the media expect to achieve that is more important than telling the truth? Some people believe the answer goes back to ownership of the media outlets by large corporations around the world. They believe the owners have an agenda to make the U.S. a state ruled by a corporate world government. This agenda explains why the media is directed toward controlling legislation in Washington, as well as at our state capitals, with the purpose is to eliminate the people’s control over the government. Very few people know very much about the legislative processes that take place behind closed doors or who originates the bills.

Regardless which political party best represents your beliefs, we have a common problem: the election and legislative process. Our representatives should represent the people, not corporations that donate big money to their campaigns. Their representatives should be free to introduce any type of bill their constituents deem necessary without fear of reprisal from the establishment leadership and their media counterparts.

The actions by establishment leadership are driven by corporate campaign contributions. Those contributions end up in the hands of the media for helping them stay elected and to prevent others from being considered. The recent District 6 House race was no exception.

It has become apparent to many people that the media will tell you anything as long as they get part of the money donated to the candidate. It is interesting that the winner of the District 6 race will receive $174,000 a year to represent the people, but spent tens of millions to get elected. This is only one example of the corruption in the election process.

The legislative process is just as corrupt, as leadership black-balls, blackmails or otherwise intimidates legislators to vote however they say. The only way that might change would be if enough good people get elected to fix the process.

Ron Hooper

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