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Letter: Editorial stated well how simple solutions dont solve problems
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I am on vacation in the Gainesville area, and my compliments to your staff for the excellent editorial, “Divided, misguided” of June 19. Many of our discussion points are spot on, making particular note of “knee-jerk approaches that don’t get to the root of the issue” and “unrealistic solutions designed to inflame emotions and earn votes.”

I found truth in your words of President Barack Obama’s “reluctance to call Islamic terrorism what it is leads many to wonder if he truly recognizes the source of the problem.”

I agree that “as long as the word ‘extremist’ follows ‘Islamic,’ in our words and intent, the battle will be aimed at those who have hijacked the faith ... parsing words to deny the source of such violence is pointless.”

My wife and I enjoyed the hospitality of folks in the Gainesville and Dahlonega area.

T.L. “Tim” Brown
Humble, Texas

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