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Letter: Don't be shocked if Gainesville again tries to impose tax as stormwater 'fee'
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I see where the Gainesville City Council has considered a tax on the water that runs off your property. It has been defeated for now, but you can expect it to resurface. Though they now are calling it a fee instead of a tax. Why do you suppose that is the case?

Well, you can deduct a tax off your taxes but you can’t a fee.

They are now calling it “the establishment of a stormwater management and enterprise fund.” Now ain’t that cute? This name may also change at a later date to an “impervious land aqua management fee.”

Folks, your city council that supposedly looks after your best interests is fixing to try and run a new tax (though they have switched the name to a fee) down your throats. This should make you mad enough to institute a recall.

They must lay awake nights thinking of ways to crook the taxpayers. I would guess that the county is looking at the same thing. If so, a recall there may be also imminent. This would be taxation without any representation.

How sneaky and underhanded can you be? Evidently they are trying to mimic the politicians in Washington and lie about what it is called, like global warming to climate change. Just a play on words. I guess in their feeble minds they think we lowly citizens can’t figure that out.

They are wanting to tax you for rainwater running off your property into Lake Lanier and then hitting you with a bill and another tax when they sell that same water back to you.

Paul Barnes
Flowery Branch

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