Hall returning to in-person school on hybrid schedule Jan. 19
Hall County Schools will return to an in-person hybrid schedule beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19, after the school system reported stabilizing COVID-19 numbers and “significantly” decreased student cases, Superintendent Will Schofield announced Thursday morning.
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Letter: Deal spending our tax dollars for toll lanes is not the answer for traffic
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Gov. Nathan Deal, have you become a jaded politician in just a few years? Where is the common-sense, everyday guy we elected from my Gainesville?

Reading the headlines yesterday about how you aim to spend our billions of dollars to improve our commute to work, I could scarcely believe my eyes. You made a decision to improve our commute across metro Atlanta roads by adding a few toll lanes that will charge us more to even use these new expanded relief lanes. Really?

I am so ashamed of you because I expect much better than this scam of a traffic relief decision from you. This would have been a bad choice for a King Roy governor. Should we now address you as King Nathan?

I know you travel in a limo these days with a couple of traffic patrols clearing roadways for you, but the rest of us drive these roads every day to work. We pay for gas and tires and car repairs to go to work and earn salaries to pay our mortgages. And yes, we earn our money. I don’t appreciate one bit the squandering of my hard-earned tax money.

To relieve traffic, put some ordinary folks with common sense in charge of overseeing relief of these traffic woes. I am just a RN for 42 years but I could give you three quick answers to providing a solution that would not cost the state or taxpayers one penny, and would instantly relieve this rush-hour nightmare.

Call me up, I am in the phone book.

Brenda Brothers


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