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Letter: Congressman was dismissive to those who oppose his views
0810TOWNHALL 0002
U.S. Rep. Doug Collins greets attendees at a town hall meeting Wednesday night in Gainesville . - photo by David Barnes

Thursday’s Times report of U.S. Rep. Doug Collins’ town hall includes quotations by the congressman that are dismissive of and insulting to the large group of attendees who confronted him on his position on health insurance legislation.

I will not dismiss them no matter their number or how they may vote. In fact, I am deeply appreciative of their passion in advocacy for the hundreds of thousands of Georgians from whom he would strip affordable health insurance, a projected result of his lock step votes in favor of the Trump and GOP agenda.

Perhaps it is true that many or most of those demonstrating represent a minority in the 9th District and most of them vote Democratic. However they were and are representing the interests of the majority of Rep. Collins’ constituents. He is not. In whose interest is Rep. Collins?

W. Lorraine Watkins

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