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Letter: Community needs a chance to say goodbye to Enota school
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Members of the Gainesville City School Board: I respectfully request you reconsider the decision to raze Enota elementary school and gardens without gaining more public input.

I entered Enota as a second-grader in its first year of operation. It holds a special place in my heart, as it does for so many others who have earned their elementary education within its walls and halls. I have stopped in twice to have one more glimpse before my school is gone forever. I was not allowed entry either time due to security concerns, and I respect and appreciate the reasons for this.

I do not understand why our community has not been offered an opportunity to visit and say goodbye to this symbol of the best of Gainesville. The academic year is now over. Surely there would be a time available when students were not present.

I remember when the wrecking ball was administered to the grand old Main Street School building. Our town lost a treasure that day. I question if we are too quick to destroy edifices that speak so profoundly to our collective heritage.

But if we must lose this special place of memories, I implore you to honor our community enough to spare a portion off the magnificent teaching gardens that surround the school. What lessons are we teaching to our children when we so quickly bulldoze the truly beautiful things in our midst? The Enota gardens were constructed with great care, and have been nurtured by loving hands, time and nature.

Please consider the feelings of the many thousands of us who have a history with Enota and its breathtaking grounds.

Jane R. Hemmer

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