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Letter: Columnists logic is flawed; a vote against Trump helps Clinton
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I have followed Charles Krauthammer’s writings for a number of years, and have found he seems to have a unique insight into complex situations and events. His recent article is a rather glaring example seemingly lacking in wisdom and sound reasoning. I refer to his closing remarks in which he stated he could never vote for Donald Trump. Since we only have two viable choices, a write-in has zero chance of being elected, and would serve as a “no” vote, and thus a vote for Hillary Clinton, whom he acknowledged as “deeply flawed.”

Many of us would admit Trump would not have been our first choice, but even Krauthammer must admit Trump has plugged into the deep-seated feeling of the electorate that things are going down the tube in our nation on a number of fronts, and that only a change can turn that around. That change could slow down the negative effects of the last eight years, and turn the direction toward some positive changes. I will take that by far over clinton, and I am not a gambling person.

We have been playing “May I?” on the world stage as we can no longer negotiate from a position of power. Our economy is hurting, and unless that is turned around, not much else will change. Granted, there are lots of working parts to getting that done, but for starters, following what has worked in he past might be a good starting point. Buying and selling goods and services with other countries must be balanced, resulting in a win-win condition. Forming a one-world government goes against the very fabric upon which this nation was founded, with virtually a total loss of our freedoms, the rule of law, and a government of and by the people, which is already markedly under duress.

I could go on but I am sure you get the idea I disagree with Krauthammer’s idealistic position. I also have strong views, but not his sophistication. But even he must admit Trump has responded to the common, mostly silent, majority (I hope it is still the majority) and has given them a voice. And it appears it has moved them to action. Like the Japanese admiral said after attacking Pearl Harbor, “I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.” It is difficult to know what direction this awakening could take if their voices are muted.

Clinton L. Hawkins

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