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Letter: Columnists harsh potshots at Dems were not funny, seemed out of line
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Saturday’s column by your resident humorist, Dick Yarbrough, about the Democratic Party’s “left turn” wasn’t funny; it managed to be both silly and ignorant at the same time. Mr. Yarbrough is what you’d call a “Republican humorist.” which is an oxymoron. Dick, you might have to look that word up. If there’s a Republican version of Will Rogers, it’s not Dick Yarbrough.

His column about the Democrats was little more than a confused rant. He tells us that it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump lost the popular vote (by 3 million votes), because in 1976 Jimmy Carter won the popular vote! Get it? Please enlighten us, oh Swami Yarbrough!

But it only gets better (or worse). He condemns Rep. Keith Ellison from Minneapolis as “so far out on the far-left fringe of the party that he makes Bernie Sanders look like Gomer Pyle.” Really? What’s Mr. Yarbrough’s evidence of that? It’s because Ellison happens to be a black Muslim (not black and Muslim, but “black Muslim,” which is supposed to conjure up all sorts of sinister things — for instance, they’re vegetarians, they eat broccoli).

Now, Mr. Yarbrough suggests that the Democrats can save themselves from this black Muslim by finding a transgender atheist to lead the party. Maybe in his column next Saturday, Dick can find more groups to insult.

So Mr. Yarbrough, in your unique search for humor at the expense of people who are aren’t like yourself (white, male, Republican), I suggest that you go back to your beloved halls of the UGA Lumpkin School of Journalism, and maybe you will run into the ghost of Lewis Grizzard. Have a few laughs.

In the meantime, don’t give up your day job. Eat your broccoli.

Doug Henry

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