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Letter: Clintons again proven to be above the law
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How can this be? The director of the FBI admits Hillary Clinton lied, under oath, with regard to knowing information in her personal emails was classified, with regard to the number of servers she was using and with regard to the facts that information in the emails was altered or destroyed after the investigation began. All felonies.

And he still refuses to recommend prosecution because of lack of “willfulness or intent” though the law, as written, does not require intent for prosecution. After the lies the Clinton State Department used to try and cover up its failure at Benghazi, Libya, that cost four American lives, we should have expected a whitewash from the FBI.

The American people can only assume the Clintons are, in fact, untouchable no matter how they choose to use the power of the U.S. government. The attorney general is an appointee of the Obama administration, after all.

The Democratic party lives the Clinton lies because they know the Clintons have the power to raise staggering amounts of money for political use.

The United States is no longer a nation of law. The Clintons and the unashamed Democrats have seen to that.

Bruce W. Hallowell

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