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Letter: Clinton has her flaws, but GOPs obsession with her is pointless
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You would think that Sunday’s columnists Jonah Goldberg and Ron Martz might reflect on the tragic events last week in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge and Dallas. But no, these Republican apologists are obsessed with Hillary Clinton.

After years of the House Select Committee Benghazi investigation, and after FBI Director James Comey finds no evidence to prosecute Hillary, what exactly are we left with to show that she may have put the country at risk? Nothing!

This whole process was little more than an alternate universe to try to prove what the Republicans have known, but cannot prove, for over 25 years, that Hillary is a liar. After all, how do we know that Hillary lies? Answer: Does she have a pulse?

The ultimate insult must be that such an imperfect person such as Hillary can be so successful in her public life. Surely she must remind Republicans of Queen Cersei in “Game of Thrones:” fatally flawed, but she outlives everyone.

With all her imperfections, Hillary will be elected our next president. Why? Just look at the alternative.

Douglas L. Henry

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