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Letter: Climate deal wont work with China, India on honor system
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Re: Monday’s letter from Bette Holland about the Paris climate accords. If Ms. Holland really believes the Paris accord will have any appreciable effect on climate change, then I have some oceanfront Kansas property I’d like to sell her.

Does she really believe China and India can be trusted when there is no way to hold them to any agreement they make, particularly when they are to police themselves?

Furthermore, while most of us believe climate change is real, most know that it is a cyclical pattern and that one volcano eruption will spew out more greenhouse gas in two or three days than all of the human-caused greenhouse gas emissions in one year or more. How do you regulate that?

But even if humans could really do something to reduce emissions, as long as dishonest countries who enslave their own people and lie about everything get to “police” themselves, the majority of the emissions will continue.

Has anyone ever seen a picture of any large Chinese city on a normal day? The pollution is unbelievable. So let us all follow the pied piper and continue to take jobs away from people, like President Barack Obama wanted and fully intended to do and destroy this wonderful country.

Curt Corkern Sr.

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