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Letter: Climate change is a greater threat to our long-term future than is ISIS
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ISIS or climate change: Which is the greater danger?

In reality, they both pose grave dangers. For the present moment, and likely for the next several years, ISIS is a severe threat. ISIS is an undeniably evil force that threatens the safety of our world. However, I believe our brave servicemen will eventually eliminate the threat of ISIS, for evil will not overcome the forces of good for long. This will require sacrifices and a committed response from the free world, but it can and must be done.

Climate change poses a severe long term danger that will worsen for many generations if not dealt with properly. However, thanks partly to the climate change agreement of 195 nations in Paris, I believe we will also overcome that danger. We are America, and we have the greatest innovators in the world. Now, we need to muster our collective will and invest the required resources to lead our world to a clean energy revolution. We can and we must again rise to the front and lead the world to overcome this grave danger!

Fortunately, now the answers to overcoming climate change are also the answers to leading America to a renewed economic revolution-the green economy revolution. Most economists now agree that climate change is either now posing a grave threat to our economy, or will pose such a threat in the next generation. Many economic studies, including studies from such wall street companies as Citigroup, also show that switching to renewables will benefit America economically.

The Citizens Climate Lobby’s carbon fee and dividend plan is one such innovative idea. The well respected REMI study of this plan shows that a slowly increasing price on carbon, with all the money returned to the citizens of America, will both stimulate the economy as well as decrease greenhouse gas emissions by at least 53 percent over a 20-year period. It would increase the spendable income of two-thirds of Americans, add 2.8 million extra jobs, increase the GDP by $1.375 trillion, and save 227,000 American lives over those 20 years. This is certainly a win-win answer!

Yes, we can, and we must, combat both the crisis with ISIS and with climate change. I want to leave a better world for my children and for future generations. Their future depends on decisions we make now to deal with both these grave issues. The world depends on us, and I am certain we will not let it down.

Vernon Dixon

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