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Letter: Climate change hoax has been years in making
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Having read Vernon Dixon’s letter, I could almost visualize him drooling over this foolish “climate change” summit. He demonstrates all too well how too many people are willing to be led by the nose rather than do their own thinking.

I remember in the 1960s how environmental alarmists were wetting themselves at the thought of the “Imminent” Ice Age that was coming in the next decade. Well, the ’70s came and went and I haven’t seen any mastodons lately.

In the ’80s , it was “acid rain.” One study concluded that it was so bad that all the fish in hundreds of lakes in upstate New York had been killed off. It turns out that these lakes were formed by glaciers and never had any fish to begin with.

Then came the ’90s and the ozone layer. Another scam. It’s as healthy as ever. As if we haven’t had enough, here comes Al Gore, the high priest of hydrocarbons, burning more fossil fuel in his Gulfstream in one hour than the average motorist uses in a year.

Funny how it’s no longer called global warming. Seems none of their calamities actually happened. Now it’s climate change. When does it ever end? And why can’t they produce the names of those 97 percent of scientists they’re always referring to?

I will give credit where credit is due, though. Gore is the first person to win the Nobel Prize for science fiction.

Mr. Dixon cites the summit as having the “intestinal fortitude to make the hard decisions.” What an appropriate choice of words as the intestines are the source of the same material that this climate change nonsense consists of.

Thomas Randall
Flowery Branch

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