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Letter: Children show selfless love by reaching out to help a neighbor
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As I walked out to get my mail on Friday of this past week, I was very weary from weeks and weeks of visiting my husband in the hospital. I did notice that my yard had been raked and all the leaves were gone. What a wonderful surprise! Who could have done this?

I heard happy squeals and five of my best friends came running to give me hugs and ask about my husband, Mr. D. My favorite friends, are Addison age 10, Adrian age 8, Anniston age 6, Maddie age 7 and Parker age 9. Without any paternal supervision, they made a plan, rounded up the tools from their garages and got to work.

Every week we read stories about some mischief children are involved in, everyday we hear the same kind of things on our local news stations. I wanted parents to hear my story and know the kind of parents who are raising our future leaders.

I am humbled by these children and the unselfish acts that I have witnessed from them. If more of our children and youths were raised this way, just think what a wonderful future we could look forward to.

Christine Averett

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