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Letter: Center provides therapy, support for sexual abuse victims of all ages
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Due to recent events here in Gainesville, the Children’s Center for Hope and Healing would like to remind residents of Hall County and Northeast Georgia of our mission and the services we offer. CCHH is dedicated to breaking the cycle of sexual abuse.

It is a sad reality that sexual abuse occurs in all communities and across all socioeconomic levels. It does not discriminate. At the Children’s Center for Hope and Healing, we offer trauma therapy at no cost to children, adolescents and adults who are victims of sexual abuse and assault.

CCHH serves not only children but adults as well. We would like to ensure that our community is aware of this.

In 2009, we began offering women’s services and in 2014 expanded the program to include men’s services. Unfortunately, men are the most underserved population. They are not inclined to disclose their abuse, therefore never getting the help they need.

As many as 90 percent of all children who are sexually abused never tell anyone that they are being abused, so most children grow into adulthood without resolving their childhood trauma. To be violated sexually is a shaming and traumatic experience.

The therapists at CCHH assist adults in making the transition from victim to survivor, decreasing their sense of social isolation, increasing their sense of self-worth and value, increasing their sense of hope and increasing their survival skills.

Children who are sexually abused become adults, and these adults need help, too. For more, visit

Cindy Wilson
Director of Development, Children’s Center for Hope and Healing, Gainesville