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Letter: Cartoon got it wrong over who the crybabies are in Congress
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Andy Marlette’s political cartoons are usually fair, criticizing both sides. But his Friday cartoon completely missed the mark. It showed a father donkey with his crying child saying, “Son, you’re a Democrat ... we don’t cry when we lose; we filibuster.”

By Politico’s count, until then-majority leader Sen. Harry Reid changed the Senate rule in 2013, Republicans filibustered 82 of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees, compared with a total of 86 under all other presidents.

This year, Democrats used their filibuster power just once, to avenge the Supreme Court nomination stolen from Mr. Obama, causing current majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell to change the rules.

Marlette got it wrong. It is Republicans in the Senate, not the Democrats, who are the real crybabies.

Dave Johnston

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