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Letter: Career politicians are globalists who oppose Trumps nationalist views
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Let’s face it, President Donald Trump does not fit the mold of a career politician and that is why he was elected. And, since he does not fit the criteria to be in that exclusive club, both Republicans and Democrats will do their best to ensure his programs and promises to the American people will not succeed.

Most of the Republicans and Democrats currently in Washington are globalists while Trump is a nationalist. What that means is Trump puts America first and the globalists are for open borders, free movement of goods and people across all borders. Actually, what the globalists are saying is that this nation should pattern itself after the European Union on all matters. If you want a nation to be independent, you are not a globalist.

While observing the Republicans since Trump has been in office, little has been done to help him succeed on his promises to the American people. Of course, there has been the usual Republican rhetoric, but nothing concrete has been passed. Obamacare is still Obamacare. Planned Parenthood is still funded to carry out its millions of deaths a year. The tax plan is still a pie-in-the-sky empty promise.

It is my belief that our politicians on both sides of the aisle are totally corrupt and are strictly out for themselves. You have to finally understand you are only important to them during their re-election bid.

By the way, have you heard Rep. Doug Collins, Sens. Johnny Isakson or David Perdue come out defending the president on Russia’s alleged interference with our election? No, you have not, and you will not. They do not want Trump to succeed anymore than the Democrats do, as a Trump re-election would slow their dream toward globalism.

Much of this is our fault, as we continue to send the same old politicians spouting their same old lies back to Washington time and time again. We are digging our own graves and many of us do not know it or do not care. That is how a country is lost!

Jim Threlkeld

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