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Letter: Being Christian doesnt mean being tolerant of all behaviors
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I want to add my name to congratulate The Times for adding columnist Star Parker to your opinion page. I have seen her before on several TV shows offering ideas and good goals. She is a smart black woman who spent many years on welfare and food stamps until she brought herself up by hard work and her bootstraps.

A letter on Saturday (Jan. 14) complains about her defense of Christmas, however. The letter writer made several points which have been thoroughly debunked and disproven, including the laughable claim there is no war on Christmas

Unfortunately, the letter writer also complains of Christians not being nice to others’ differences, including homosexuality. I have a gay relative in another state. I Like him.

However, the writer also dictates what Christians should do and not do in the Christian faith. His lack of knowledge of the Christian faith is glaring. While being nice is a part of Christian faith, being tolerant of everything is not. Jesus was not tolerant of several things: selfishness and wrongdoing, especially when it hurts others.

I agree with Jesus.

William Cason

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