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Letter: Be it a stolen bike or more, Gainesvilles cops are tops
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God bless the Gainesville Police!

I had a worker fixing the lights on the top of my office. He parked his high-priced bicycle in the back of my office while he did the work.

As he exited the roof, he saw that his bicycle had been stolen. We quickly asked people walking by if they had seen anyone riding the bike and two people had seen the bike being driven West Academy Street down past the church.

We called 911, the police came and took my worker in the car as they searched for the bike. Within 30 minutes, they found the bike and the thief in Wilshire Park.

Small thing? Not if the bike is your only means of transportation and you live off White Sulphur Road. 

Nice, quick and ready to help, no matter who needs it — that’s the Gainesville police I know, and I am so proud!

Troy R. Millikan

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