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Letter: All of us need to pitch in to help homeless
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I’m writing this letter in response to a article from Jan. 25 concerning the audit done recently of the homeless population.

In the area of poverty and need, I believe we can’t truly say that we are doing our part to make this world a better place to live if we don’t help those that are the most in need. I see the work that organizations such as Good News at Noon, The United Way, The Salvation Army do for those living in the shadows. There are churches in town that help; I am a member of the Veterans and Community Outreach and we are there supplying clothes, and necessities to these homeless. The United Way has organized a movement helping poverty throughout the county.

These are all very wonderful organizations and very important ministries. Why is the homeless population growing in Hall County, as it did between 2013 and 2015? Why are there still homeless people living in tents, being shuffled from one area to the other by law enforcement instead of being a part of the healing ministries that these organizations have created? Are we not doing enough? Are there not enough people in this community willing to lift a hand of help or comfort to these underprivileged people? Are there just too many of these underprivileged people that even though there are ministries in place, there are not enough?

When there are people out there being shuffled from one camp area to another, and their tents can’t even stay in the same place, we have a problem. We need to help all the homeless, everyone in need. If basic needs are not met for these people who have no way to meet their own needs, they will never be able to move on to an area where they can take care of themselves and we will always have the same problems in this community.

We need to meet everyone’s needs! So we need everyone helping. These are sad, lonely, often mentally challenged people who either have lived this way forever or have had some traumatic situations in their lives. They need you! They want help, they don’t know where to go for help, except to beg for it.

If you can walk away from these people without lifting a finger to help, shame on you! Your help and kindness and support is needed. Those of us who are doing our part need people to help. Gainesville, Hall County and Georgia all need people to help. Give some socks or coats, make some food, send some quilts. If we aren’t helping, we are part of the problem.

Becky Burnette


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