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Letter: A truthful candidate is deserving of support, but thats not Trump
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I agree with Helen Stell that when a candidate speaks the truth they deserve your support. However, she’s obviously missing which candidate that is. I suggest she do some Googling and check on Donald Trump’s responses. Any subject, it doesn’t matter. He lies about everything.

Check newspaper articles. All the big papers have written hundreds of articles on what they kindly call “misstatements.”

Verify his stated positions on different issues. He wants to privatize Social Security, further reduce taxes on the wealthiest people, and all the financial reviews I’ve seen state his plans would add at least $3 trillion to the national debt. Those are just a very few of his plans and many of the rest of them are worse.

I don’t believe in telling anyone who to vote for. I do ask that everyone do their due diligence and make sure you understand what each candidate wants to do with the power of the presidency.

Carole Scandrol
Flowery Branch


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