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Letter: A candidate who speaks straight truth deserves voters support
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Change makes one feel insecure and uncomfortable. This should not give someone a pass to insult young and older voters who will vote for Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump does not speak to those who cling to the past; he speaks to change. Anyone that has voted knows the risk of electing the wrong person. History tells us this. Wishing to have a different candidate (anyone but Trump) running is that, just a wish. Insulting voters will only confirm a commitment to Mr. Trump.

No doubt, change will be hard, but with no jobs, disastrous health care, terrorism and racial distrust, we need a fighter to lead who will speak the way it is — from his heart, not from political spin. Speaking the truth is always hard to hear and said in ways one may not like this is no reason not to vote for a straight-talking man who will give everything he has to work for us and bring back our trust and economy for all.

Helen Stell

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