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Guest column, Butch Miller: Carl Rogers served his hometown well
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Rep. Carl Rogers has served the people of Gainesville-Hall County for more than 20 years. He has been a key leader in our local delegation, the state legislature and the Georgia Republican Party for many years. He has been an extraordinary public servant over his years of service in the House of Representatives.

Whether serving as chairman of the Higher Education Committee or as a key member of many powerful committees, Carl served each role with distinction, honor and integrity. He is a friend, a servant and a staple to this community.

He and his wife Linda are the proud parents of two wonderful children and the grandparents of seven beautiful grandchildren. On any given morning between January and April, you are likely to see the two strolling into the Capitol building just as the sun rises and will see them both serving across the building, Linda diligently hosting constituents and Carl hard at work on the floor of the House of Representatives.

I watch both of them in admiration and know that the moment they walk out the building, their day is not nearly over. Many nights, Carl rushes home to Gainesville to go to work for a constituent in need or heads home to study bills into the wee hours of the morning. The sheer work ethic is why this community has entrusted him to serve them for so many years.

Though he will not be driving to the Gold Dome every day come January, Carl Rogers’ work will truly never be done. I have no doubt that if you run into him at the local hardware store or call him for help, he’ll drop everything to help or to simply have a conversation with you.

One of the things I love most about Hall County is no matter how big we get, there’s still a little bit of Mayberry in the heart of our town. As a native of Gainesville, Carl has never forgotten the people who shaped our county and the city of Gainesville. Without fail, he always made sure members of our community who served selflessly as well as those who paved the way were duly recognized with resolutions. Those resolutions will become family heirlooms to remember who paid their civic rent and gave back to our community.

Carl’s roots in Gainesville are as deep as Lake Lanier and his love for our state runs from Rabun Gap to Tybee Light. He has served under four governors and proudly served as dean of the Hall County delegation for several years. While he served as a representative, it was through working with representatives from across our state that he worked to make Georgia a beacon that shines as brightly as the gold dome of our state Capitol. We will miss his experience, his wisdom and his encouragement.

There’s an old adage about leaving a place better than you found it. Carl epitomizes that sentiment. We are a better community because Carl Rogers was willing to be an honorable and loyal servant.

As I began my own public service, I sought his wisdom and counsel. He never forced his ideas, but was a willing teacher when needed. I want to thank him for everything he has done for our local community, the state and me personally. His hard work and tireless efforts are valued and respected.

The service of a member in Georgia’s General Assembly goes far beyond the 40 days of the legislative session. Lawmakers are called upon to attend everything from civic clubs to PTA meetings and Carl has been there for them all.

Teresa and I would like to wish Carl and Linda nothing but the best as they enter this new chapter of their lives as he retires. He was not only a great member of our delegation, but was an even better friend to me and my family. I know he will continue to be a mentor for all of us in Atlanta.

John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Carl has truly lived that quote to its fullest and his inspiration is what drives us to succeed in politics, in career, and most of all in life.

Cheers to Rep. Carl Rogers, a man who needs no introduction. Our hats are off to you.

State Sen. Butch Miller represents Hall County in the Georgia Senate.