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Closing arguments from party leaders: Republican
A vote for the GOP is about opportunity, vision, responsibility
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The Times invited chairmen of the Hall County Democratic and Republican parties to make a case for their slate of candidates in Tuesday’s election. Read commentary from Democratic Chairman Frank Lock HERE.

Though it has been said before and may even seem cliché, this election really is the most important one of our lifetimes. For so many reasons, we must recognize this simple truth.

No doubt many are sifting through piles of campaign flyers in the mail, complicated data from analysts and pollsters, and opinions from those we trust. We consider the potential impact of the decisions that will be made by those we elect regarding the economy, our children’s educations, the safety of our communities and the future of business, transportation improvements and so much more. With all the different messages we get from multiple sources today, many find it hard to trust candidates from any party to enact solutions for our most important concerns.

Every election has consequences, and casting an informed vote is critical.

Why should you vote for Republicans in this election? The short answer is that we need principled leaders who will make decisions that keep us free from the costs and limitations of increased government control in our lives.

Don’t be fooled by those who say Republicans are the same as Democrats. There are real differences.

Voting Republican is about opportunity. While our opponents on the left believe additional government involvement in our lives is the solution to every challenge, Republicans understand that growing government only takes more from its taxpayers and their ability to pursue their dreams.

Republicans believe education decisions should be local, with integral involvement from parents and teachers, so that the best options are offered to each student for individual achievement. We recognize the facts that business growth creates jobs and that entrepreneurs thrive when relieved of unreasonable regulations and taxes.

Voting Republican is about vision. Since 2003, Govs. Sonny Perdue and Nathan Deal, along with our state’s Republican legislature, have taken a state that was financially strapped and struggling to a position of strength, having $700 million in reserve and being voted the No. 1 state to do business by CNBC.

Gov. Deal has worked with surrounding states and the federal government to deepen the Savannah Harbor, which will bring lasting economic benefit to the entire Southeast United States. The film industry, which Republicans worked to develop in Georgia, is poised to become a driving growth component of our state’s economy.

Republicans in Congress have workable plans that will bring real cost-saving reforms to health care and taxes. They have passed common sense bills on energy, the Keystone pipeline, free trade, immigration reform and the budget. We need a Republican Senate to pass these forward-thinking proposals and put them on the president’s desk.

Voting Republican is about responsibility. Congressional Republicans handed over a strong economy to Democrats’ control in 2007. While not perfect in every decision, GOP leadership had taken an economy that was headed into recession at the end of the Clinton Administration and revived it.

Think of how our lives have changed since 2007. We have struggled through the Great Recession at the hands of irresponsible Democratic leadership and ill-advised, coffee house political ideologies. Isn’t it about time we enjoyed another economic surge like the ones Republicans have reliably initiated throughout modern history?

On Tuesday, we choose those citizen servants who will guide our state and our nation through the next few years. But more importantly, our votes will also determine our society’s direction for possibly decades to come.

Don’t fall for the left’s fallacy of equal outcome despite our diversities, but rather choose the freedom of equal opportunity for everyone. Rely on time-tested, conservative principles. Elect Republicans, who will empower current and future generations to create better, freer societies through the liberty to pursue happiness.

Your vote is important. Vote right. Vote Republican.

Kris Yardley is chairman of the Hall County Republican Party.

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