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Young new boaters must get educated before hitting lake
Kile Glover Boater Education law takes effect Tuesday
Boater Justin Reames holds up life jackets Friday for Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division Cpl. Eddie Tompkins, left, and Ranger Shane Brown during a routine safety inspection stop on Lake Lanier. Reames, who was en route to meet family with Kristi Freund, passed the inspection.
As Cpl. Eddie Tompkins and Ranger Shane Brown of the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division flash their blue lights, Flowery Branch resident Michael Alvarez brings his boat to a halt. Sidling up, the officers begin performing an inspection, one of many the DNR will be performing with the Fourth of July weekend around the corner. Everything Alvarez needs for the inspection is tucked away in the cushions of his boat, with 13 additional life jackets onboard.