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Young deer rescued from pond in Forsyth County
Forsyth County firefighter Bob Kaley tries to carefully lower a lasso around the neck of a deer that got stuck in a sewage pond at the Forsyth County sewage treatment plant. - photo by Jim Dean

See how rescuers went about getting a young doe out of the county storage pond.

A deer stuck in a storage pond for two days made it out Wednesday afternoon with the help of Forsyth County fire and animal control.

The young doe is believed to have fallen down the angled walls of the pond at the wastewater treatment plant at Fowler Park, said Fire Division Chief Jason Shivers.

“There is no telling why she came out here,” Shivers said.

Employees at the plant noticed the deer in the pond Monday and hoped she would make it out on her own, he said.
When they returned to work Wednesday and saw her still there, the workers contacted authorities.

Eight employees from the fire department and two animal control officers spent nearly two hours at the edges of the reject storage pond, which the county uses to hold water that doesn’t meet quality standards after treatment to be reprocessed.

Walking down the steep slopes of the slick lining, the rescuers tried to calmly approach the scared doe and pull her in with a variety of tools.

“We can’t get her to come up the hill,” Shivers said during the rescue. “She can’t get enough traction, so we’re trying to use any of our ideas we can to get her safely up.”

As the rescuers got close, the doe would get scared and swim to the other side of the pond, but the animal finally began to tire.

After about a dozen attempts, two firefighters captured the doe with the loop on the catch-and-release pole used by animal control.

The men then carried the deer beyond the gate of the pond to let her free.

The doe appeared uninjured but exhausted as she lay down just outside the fence.

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