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You Heard It Here: Sporting hat with style to honor Rotary honoree
Deborah Mack, left, stands with LeTrell Simpson after being named the Rotary Club of Gainesville’s Woman of the Year.

Here is an item we heard this week that we thought you might find interesting.

If certain verbal queues didn’t give away who the Rotary Club of Gainesville Woman of the Year, LeTrell Simpson’s donning a large white hat may have sealed the deal.

“I have a defining clue,” Simpson said to the crowd at Chattahoochee Country Club Monday night, as she put on the hat.

She went on to recognize Deborah Mack, a former Hall County commissioner and avid community servant, as the 2015 Rotary Woman of the Year.

Mack, known for her vast hat collection, was wearing a green one Monday night, to go along with her black and green outfit.

“And yes, Deborah this is your hat,” Simpson went on to say. “Your sister Connie connived with me to get it out of your house, because none of mine would do justice to your collection.

“And, of course, I know I do not wear it with your style.”

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