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You Heard It Here: No, Shaq did not come to Gainesville
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The classic Georgia-Florida mixup for residents of Gainesville came again with the viral video of Shaquille O’Neal playing basketball with children.

Georgia residents realized that the 15-time All-Star was actually more than 300 miles south in Gainesville, Fla., and playing ball with its police department.

“Anytime law enforcement — whether it’s Gainesville, Fla., or Gainesville, Ga. — gets positive publicity, it’s a win-win for all of us,” Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said.

In the video, an officer previously responded to a report of children playing loudly in the street. The officer plays basketball with the children and talks about bringing backup.

The viral video shows the officer returning later with O’Neal to play in the same neighborhood.

Word quickly spread on social media, and Georgia’s Gainesville Police Department started receiving a good number of messages.

In the end, it paid off for the local police department, Holbrook said.

“Even after finding out it wasn’t us, some still sent us basketballs and supplies so officers can get out there and do the same,” he said.

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