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You heard it here: Katie B. Davis sports high heel shoes

Here are a few things we heard this week that we thought you might find interesting.

Tuesday’s Power of the Purse event, a WomenSource fundraiser, drew quite a crowd — and quite a few laughs.

Attorney Lydia Sartain was emcee for the night and joked as community heroes took the stage modeling outfits from local retailers.

WDUN radio personality and former Times sports reporter Katie B. Davis donned heels on the runway.

"I don’t know if she’s ever been in heels like that," Sartain quipped. "If so, we’ve never seen it."

In fact, Davis spoke at length about her shoes with Times publisher Charlotte Atkins for a recent article in Moxie, a new magazine published by The Times. Davis’ closet includes Chuck Taylors in a variety of colors, athletic shoes, loafers, cowboy boots, Doc Martens and rain boots — no mention of heels.

Davis did, however, relish her time on the runway, grabbing a swallow of wine before hitting the runway to snap a few selfies with the crowd and Sartain as well as show off her fancy shoes.

Bus breakdown leads to firehouse fun for passengers

Hall County Deputy Fire Chief Chad Black recently told us about a bus breaking down three weeks ago in Clermont with more than 40 people onboard.

A small fire sparked, meaning a six-hour wait for passengers before the next bus arrived.

Luckily for the passengers, Black said Hall County firefighters brought the crowd back to Station 2 in Clermont and played basketball with the kids for entertainment. Pizza was donated to feed the bus’ passengers.

"They got to hang out at the station instead of sitting on the side of the road," Black said.

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