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Wreck injures 2, closes Dorsey, Pearl Nix intersection
Crews cleaning up fuel that leaked across roads
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A three-vehicle accident at Dorsey Street and Pearl Nix Parkway on Thursday morning left more than 80 gallons of diesel fuel leaking across the roads.

The intersection was closed as Gainesville's public works crews cleaned up the fuel into the afternoon, said Gainesville Deputy Fire Chief Jerome Yarbrough.

Police officers routed traffic around the area as fire officials stopped the fuel from pouring into storm drains and reaching creeks, he said.

Two trucks and a tractor trailer collided in the intersection around 10:30 a.m. The tractor trailer took the brunt of the impact, creating a hole in its fuel tank.

"One of the trucks collided with the trailer and knocked into the other truck, which was stopped at the red light," Yarbrough said.

The driver of the truck that hit the tractor trailer was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center with nonlife-threatening injuries.