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Woods Mill senior Carla Suarez Lopez faced hardships but hopes to go to veterinary school

Carla Suarez Lopez “technically got kicked out” of Chestatee High School.

Her family — Carla and her mom, Mary — had to move when a landlord wanted the rental unit.

She no longer was in the Chestatee school district, so she planned to attend Gainesville High School. However, that would be difficult in the middle of a school year, she said she was told by school officials.

Now Carla, 17, will graduate from Wood’s Mill High School.

Teachers there “helped me get back on track” in the 1 1/2 years she attended.

Carla has dealt with a learning disability that requires more time than normal for her to understand material. She credits teachers and others with spending extra time with her.

With her degree, she hopes to eventually go to veterinary school.

Carla said she has always loved animals. In fact, she is more comfortable with animals than with people.

She said speaking to people, especially in groups, “gets me really nervous, and I start to stutter.”

She would like to volunteer at the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia or work in an administrative position when she turns 18 in October.

Carla admitted she has trouble thinking about putting animals to sleep, “but I understand it’s so they can get the pain away.”

Carla said she is working with school officials to obtain a scholarship and hopes to attend the University of North Georgia.

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