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Woods Mill High name wont change
Wanda Creel
Wanda Creel

Despite initial reports to the contrary, Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Wanda Creel said “at this point, there is not another name. We’re going to continue to refer to it as Wood’s Mill, because we don’t want to rename it just for a name’s sake.”

Previously, Creel said the name would change for the sake of clarity.

“We want to make sure we can correctly communicate with our community exactly what this nontraditional school is about, and we think renaming it is probably our best bet,” she said in March.

The facility where Wood’s Mill has been housed will now be the Gainesville High School Ninth Grade Center, and Wood’s Mill will move to a nearby modular unit.

“Really, what we’ve got to begin to think about is that entire complex is one high school,” Creel said of the GHS Ninth Grade Center, Wood’s Mill and Gainesville High School. “But the modular housing Wood’s Mill will be beside the new gym, so that they’ve got their own space and really their own identity.”

Modular units have 12 classrooms each, which will house at least 100 students.

Last year, Wood’s Mill served 181 students in grades six through 12. Beginning in the fall, the nontraditional school will only serve high school students, thus lowering the number of enrolled students.

Creel said, though changes are coming, the system is still supporting students with a nontraditional option.

“It is and will continue to be the nontraditional high school that we do have in our district,” Creel said.

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