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Woman faces more counts of identity theft, credit card fraud
Kathy Ann Cantrell
Kathy Ann Cantrell

A Gainesville man said his daughter-in-law stole thousands of dollars from him and his wife after helping prepare their taxes.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office has obtained additional warrants on Kathy Ann Cantrell, 41, of Gillsville in connection with identity theft incidents involving credit card transactions.

The warrants, obtained Tuesday, stemmed from an ongoing investigation indicating Cantrell had opened four credit card accounts in the names of two separate victims, according to a Thursday news release from the sheriff’s office.

Cantrell was charged with using the credit cards more than 460 times between June 2013 and January 2014. Cantrell received more than $40,120 in currency, goods, and services in those transactions.

She remains in the Hall County Jail on total bail of $2,685,000.

Cantrell was charged March 11 with 67 counts of credit card fraud and one count of identity theft. At that time, she was already in custody on charges of insurance fraud.

Those charges stemmed from a financial card fraud report filed by Homer Cantrell of Gainesville.

“We started getting calls from bill collectors, that’s how we found out about it,” Homer Cantrell said.

Homer Cantrell said Kathy Ann Cantrell was his daughter-in-law and had prepared income taxes for him and his wife for a couple of years.

He said Kathy Cantrell pulled up their information on computers to open credit card accounts.

The Sheriff’s Office had said Kathy Cantrell used a credit card 67 times over two months to obtain more than $13,000 in currency, goods and services.

Homer Cantrell said she charged about $60,000 on both him and his wife over a little more than a year. He said the calls from bill collectors started about the first week in January.

“She had all that (billing) information put in a post office box in her name, so we weren’t getting (bills),” Homer Cantrell said.

Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Nicole Bailes said the additional warrants resulted from investigators identifying more victims.

“We had additional victims come forward,” she said.

“Our investigators linked (Kathy Cantrell) in with similar transactions,” Bailes added. “We’re still checking to see if she’s linked to other victims.”

Kathy Cantrell’s case has been bound over to Superior Court, canceling a committal hearing that had been scheduled for today.

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