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Woman accused of firing gun over woman’s head, pulling women's hair
Stephanie Eubanks.jpg
Stephanie Eubanks

A Gainesville woman is accused of pulling the hair of two women and firing a shot over the first woman’s head Saturday, Jan. 12 at a home on Sardis Road, according to authorities.

Hall County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Ware said the incident involved six adult women including Stephanie Eubanks, 29.

Ware said Eubanks allegedly pointed a gun at one woman’s chest “then fired the gun over her head.”

“Ms. Eubanks struck the victim and pulled her hair,” Ware said.

The gunfire came in close proximity to three other women, and Eubanks is also accused of pulling a fifth woman’s hair.

“It is not clear at this time what the relationship is between Ms. Eubanks and the individual victims or what led to the actions by Ms. Eubanks,” Ware wrote in a news release.

Eubanks was charged with aggravated assault, four counts of reckless conduct and two counts of simple battery. She was booked Sunday, Jan. 13, in to the Hall County, where she is being held on a $11,300 bond.