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Winter snaps back with another bite
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Don’t put away your winter clothes just yet. While the past few days may have felt like an early glimpse of spring, some chilly days are returning to finish the week.

“It is going to get colder. We have a pretty strong cold front coming through,” said Ryan Willis, forecaster for the National Weather Service’s Peachtree City office.

The high for today is expected to reach only 49 degrees after starting the morning with temperatures in the low 30s. The average high for the area this time of year is 61 degrees, Willis said.

“It’s a good bit below average. However, it’s not anything record-breaking or anything like that. Freezing temperatures in mid-March are pretty common in North Georgia,” he added.

Friday morning is also predicted to be colder, with a low of around 34 degrees and wind chills in the upper teens.

The highs for Friday and Saturday are expected to rebound into the low 60s.

Willis said while it will definitely be cooler than the previous days of mid- to upper-70s weather, the weekend temperatures are expected to be closer to average.

“Those warmer days are closer to what we’d expect in April, so everybody was enjoying it, but now it’s kind of a reality check back down closer to average,” he said.

Additionally, the coldest conditions “are not going to last all that long, and then the weather will moderate,” he added.

Rain is also in the forecast to accompany the colder conditions heading into the weekend, with a 40 percent chance starting late Saturday and rising to 50 percent through Sunday night. The rain chance falls to 20 percent by Monday night.

“It could be a little dreary and cloudy for several days,” Willis said. “Rain chances kind of stick around through Monday or so, and then it looks like it should be moving out by Monday night into Tuesday.”

Mostly sunny skies and a high near 60 are in the forecast for Tuesday.