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Wife of murder suspect gives account of shooting
Man accused of killing sister during fight
Shannon Holland, wife of murder suspect Bradley Holland, gives her account of the fight that occurred Nov. 18 that resulted in the shooting death of Bradley Holland's sister, Stacey Allison.

Shannon Holland said she was trying to pull her husband Bradley Holland back from a fight when a gun went off Nov. 18 in the Chicopee Village.

“I felt the wind from the gun and I smelled the stuff after it fired,” she said.

Bradley Scott Holland, 35, was indicted Dec. 1 on multiple murder charges in the death of his sister, Stacey Allison, 33. Allison was found by authorities with a single gunshot wound to the head at her home in Gainesville.

She was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Shannon Holland, who married Bradley in October 2014, said the incident started with an argument. She said she heard the brother and sister fussing at one another regarding a group of people outside the home looking for Allison.

When she entered the room, Shannon Holland said she saw her husband and Allison physically fighting and that he fell on Allison.

“Whenever we went to pull him back, then the gun went off,” said Shannon Holland, who was with Bradley Holland’s mother.

Shannon Holland said she did not know there was a gun and is not sure where it came from.

She and her husband’s mother both attempted to call 911, according to authorities.

Shannon Holland said her husband and his sister usually got along and were very close.

“They would go to the flea market together. They did everything together. They were like best friends,” she said, adding that Allison usually kept to herself.

Shannon Holland said Allison died while the family was talking to authorities.

In the indictment, Bradley Holland was charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Acknowledging her husband’s previous run-ins with law enforcement, Shannon Holland said he wants to have a normal family and life.

“He’s got a big heart, and he has tried to change his life,” she said. “He really has.”

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