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Why some in Buford have noticed rotten egg smell in their homes
Buford city limits

The rotten egg smell is gone in Buford.

Buford City Gas operations returned to normal Tuesday, Oct. 30, after a couple days of unwelcome odors caused by an excessive amount of a chemical containing sulfur.

“The city continues to encourage homeowners to contact the city if they detect a smell of natural gas,” the city said in a statement.

The problem stemmed from the city’s natural gas provider injecting an excessive amount of mercaptan into the natural gas system. Mercaptan is added to natural gas so that leaks can be detected, as natural gas by itself is odorless.

“The city is not aware of any natural gas leaks or danger to the public, and the odor should subside given dilution and passage of time,” the city said in an earlier statement.

Residents can call the city at 678-889-4600, 770-932-7981 or 770-932-7986. Buford City Hall can be reached at 770-945-6761.

Buford is mostly in Gwinnett County, but its boundaries stretch into South Hall.

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