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Hall man in critical condition after accident with fire. Here's how you can help
Karson Coker injured while clearing brush on White County farm
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While clearing brush on his farm in White County, Karson Coker suffered severe burns and was transported to Grady Hospital. His family and friends have started a Gofundme page to cover the inordinate medical expenses.
How to help

Visit the GoFundMe page.

Help from the community is being sought for a Hall County man who suffered severe burns Aug. 22 while trying to clear brush on his land in White County.

Karson Coker was airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta.

“I think he was putting some camping fuel on some paper and had it on a stick or something, and he was going to light it and throw it on the fire. When he flipped the little lighter, he didn’t know it but that stuff is explosive like jet fuel,” his father Miles Coker said.

Karson Coker is the brother of Keaton Coker, a Flowery Branch High student who died of cancer at age 18 in July 2014. He served as inspiration for Thumbs Up Mission, a Gainesville-based organization helping families battling cancer to take retreats.

Miles Coker said his son has already undergone surgery for skin grafts.

“I feel like if he can have probably 48 more good hours, I feel like he’d be getting close to getting out of critical,” Miles Coker said Tuesday, Aug. 28.

A Gofundme account was started to help Karson Coker and his family with medical bills and helping the family. Karson and wife Calah have two young children.

“Karson and Calah’s insurance will help cover some of the medical expenses they are going to face, but there will be a significant portion that is out-of-pocket,” according to the Gofundme page.

Miles Coker said he considered himself blessed to have great friends and family that have been supportive in their time of need. The account had raised $4,750 as of Saturday.

“Some people don’t know Karson, but he’s one of those guys where his glass isn’t half full. It’s always full, even if it’s got one drop in it,” Miles Coker said.

Karson’s father said Saturday he was still listed critical in the intensive care unit but was improving.

“Karson has had 24 good hours for the first time in 10 days and got some water for the first time,” Miles Coker said on Saturday.

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