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Why alums fondly remember Butler High, which closed 50 years ago as desegregation finally came to Gainesville
08252019 BUTLER 5.jpg
Guests sing the school song on Saturday, Aug. 24, at the former E.E. Butler High School in Gainesville. The school celebrated the 50th anniversary since its closing Saturday, bringing together students, teachers and community members from around the city. - photo by Layne Saliba
Emory Turner and the rest of the track team at E.E. Butler High School never had a hurdle to practice leaping over, but they properly learned how to clear one by using a chair in its place. Apart from those chairs, the school, which served Gainesville’s black students before desegregation, cleared many hurdles during the era of Jim Crow laws. Its short history was celebrated Saturday, Aug. 24, on the 50th anniversary of the school’s closing.