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Florida-based restaurant is considering Hall locations
09262018 HUEY 3
Huey Magoo’s, a Florida-based chicken restaurant chain , is looking to move into the Atlanta market, with Hall County as part of the first wave of eateries.

Huey Magoo’s, a Florida-based chicken restaurant chain, is looking to move into the Atlanta market with up to 46 stores, with Hall County part of the first wave of eateries.

Locations haven’t been determined yet, though.

Co-owner Alex Larson said he and partners Dean Thompson and Derry Thompson will scout locations throughout Hall.

“We know we have a ton of options,” Larson said.

The trio’s first restaurants could open in Gwinnett County, moving into Hall County in late 2019 or early 2020. Larson said a location also is being considered during that time frame in Braselton, which straddles four counties, including Hall.

According to Huey Magoo’s website, the menu includes hand-breaded, grilled or sauced chicken tenders, with fries, Texas toast and dipping sauce. Also featured are chicken sandwiches and wraps, as well as salads mixed with chicken tenders.

“It’s all fresh, never frozen, hormone-free, no steroids, all of that,” Larson said. “Our big kicker is making (the restaurant) an environment that’s fun and entertaining for individuals as well as (being) family-oriented.”

Huey Magoo’s restaurants are relatively small in size.

“We’re not the big freestanding drive-thrus like Zaxby’s or Chick-fil-A,” said Andy Howard, Huey Magoo’s president and CEO.

“Neighborhood strip center locations — about 2,000 square feet — is what we look for,” he added. “We like to be near suburban or urban (areas), colleges and high schools. Those are great demographics for us.”

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