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Weather radio can help keep you safe
Severe Weather Awareness Week time to brush up on safety
Radio Shack store manager Jeff Parker programs a weather alert radio Monday afternoon at his Lakeshore Mall store.

Severe Weather Awareness Week
Monday: Family Preparedness and NOAA Weather Radio
Tuesday:  Thunderstorm Safety
Wednesday: Tornado Safety and Statewide Tornado Drill
Thursday: Lightning Safety
Friday: Flood Safety (alternate drill date)

Thunderstorm safety tips
Have an emergency kit with items like water, food, flashlight and first aid kit.
Secure outdoor objects that could blow away or cause damage.
Avoid showering or bathing during a thunderstorm. Plumbing and bathroom fixtures can conduct electricity.
Find shelter quickly; if shelter is not available, go to the lowest area nearby and make yourself the smallest target possible but do not lie flat on the ground.
Do not use electrical items such as computers or television sets as power surges from lightning can cause serious damage.
A corded telephone should only be used in an emergency, but cordless phones and cell phones are safe to use.

Monday began Severe Weather Awareness Week across Georgia, a time to brush up on how to stay safe. The first recommendation? Buy a weather radio.

These can be found at many retail outlets, including electronics, department, sporting goods and boat and marine accessory stores. They can also be purchased from many online retailers.

After you purchase the radio, you must program it to receive alerts for your area. A primary advantage of having a weather radio is that it can alert you to severe weather during the night when most families are asleep.