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Water waste law targets irresponsible users
Violators could have supply cut off
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Water waste ordinance

Top prohibitions

  • Allowing water to escape from private property to a public right of way
  • Operating an irrigation system during rain
  • Failing to repair a controllable leak, including a broken sprinkler head, valve or outdoor faucet
  • Washing any vehicle with a hose and not having a water shut-off nozzle, or allowing water to run continuously out of a hose while washing vehicles

Top exemptions

  • Flow resulting from firefighting or routine inspection of hydrants
  • Water applied as a dust control measure
  • Water used to clean up hazardous or flammable materials
  • Emptying of swimming pools for maintenance when proper local rules are followed 

Wasting water will no longer be just an ethical problem in Gainesville.

City Council is prepared to approve a new ordinance next week that places prohibitions on certain water use, and violators could have their water supply cut off.

The “water waste” law is a requirement of the 2008 conservation plan outlined by the Metro North Georgia Water Planning District.

City officials said reducing unreasonable water use is critical for the community, which relies on water resources such as Lake Lanier for economic prosperity.

And the new law comes on the heels of a stormwater program the city is launching to limit runoff, capture rain and repair aging pipes.

The target of the prohibitions are those users who operate an irrigation system during rainfall, for example, and those who fail to repair a controllable leak, such as a broken sprinkler head, valve or outdoor faucet.

Certain exemptions will be in place for firefighting, use of water as dust control or to clean up hazardous materials, or the emptying of swimming pools for maintenance work.

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