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Watch this suspect make off with $13,000 in cell phones from a Gainesville store

With gloves and a crowbar, a masked suspect smashed two glass doors and two display cases Dec. 23 before taking off with more than $13,000 in cellphones from Trust Cellular.

Owner Saad Tahir said it happened after 4 a.m. Dec. 23 at his Jesse Jewell Parkway store.

“It’s just sad that nobody saw anything,” said Tahir, considering the heavy traffic up and down Jesse Jewell Parkway.

Tahir accounted for 27 cellphones taken worth more than $13,000. The owner said he had put a block on the phones by reporting the devices’ identification numbers.

“They can’t put a SIM card into it, because it will stop them from using service on it anywhere in the United States,” Tahir said.

On the surveillance footage, the suspect moves quickly between the display cases loading up what appears to be a backpack. The suspect is clad all in black.

Tahir said he gave police information about a potential suspect.

The items taken were mostly iPhone models 6-8, as well as some Google Pixel phones and Samsung Galaxy models. Almost all of them were listed as unlocked phones.

Trust Cellular Burglary

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