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Warmer weather brings residents outside to enjoy the sun
Miguel Aravjo spins his 7-year-old daughter Deyanira Aravjo enjoy the playground at Wilshire Trails Park. - photo by JOSHUA L. JONES

After being stuck indoors due to snow, sleet and ice, Gainesville residents were happy Sunday to see sunshine and warmer temperatures return.

The high temperature topped out at 59 degrees, according to the National Weather Service Peachtree City website. Some areas are still thawing out the leftover snow, but by the end of this week, it all could be gone as the warm-up trend is forecast to continue throughout the week.

Temperatures are expected to reach the mid-60s by Wednesday with plenty of sunshine.

Families basked in the sun at Wilshire Trails Park, and even though snow was still on the ground, building a snowman wasn’t on the docket. Instead, families enjoyed being able to play on the playground or have a picnic on the sidewalk.

“After days of cabin fever, it is nice to enjoy this beautiful, lovely day,” said Meagan Gaillard, as she helped her 16-month-old son, Hudson Gaillard, go down a slide.

“It is just nice to get out and not be stuck in the house, and it is nice to get him outside and be able to play and enjoy the weather,” she said. “We just wanted to get out to the park today and enjoy the sun. We are looking forward to springtime. Springtime is on our calendar, and looking forward to the (temperatures in the) 60s (this) week.”

Gaillard said her family played in the snow, but after 24 hours, cabin fever set in and they wanted to get out.

Sunday was the “perfect day” to relieve cabin fever, she said.

For Ana Moreira, the snow ruined plans to visit her mom in Texas, but it couldn’t spoil the fun she and her kids, Ezequiel Moreira, 8, and Anthony Moreira, 5, had Sunday.

“It feels very nice. Of course, it was nice to have some snow here in Georgia,” she said. “We had a really good time (in the snow). The kids enjoyed it, after all. It was a nice experience since we don’t have (snow) as often here.

“But, we’re glad today is beautiful. We actually needed the sunshine. ... I think we’re ready for (spring). I think we definitely need more sunshine and more warm (temperatures). Get the kids out, let them have some fun outside, finally, instead of inside the house.”

Richard McDaniel, his family and friends brought their remote-control cars to the park, a tradition he said they do every Sunday at various locations throughout the area, and the weather couldn’t have been better to continue the tradition.

“I’m enjoying time with friends, family and getting back out today,” he said. “The snow and everything was nice, too. The whole earthquake (situation) was crazy.

“But we’re just really enjoying being able to get back out and have some fun, with nice weather. ... It’s good being able to get out and not have to worry about jackets and everything like that. This week has been the best of both worlds. You could enjoy spring and fall together. I enjoy cool weather, so today was a great day to be out because it wasn’t too hot, or too cold.”

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