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Vandal wreaks havoc on cars in dealership lots
Dealership offers $5,000 reward
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A vandal damaged dozens of cars at dealerships on Browns Bridge Road early Monday morning, area law enforcement reported.

Chris Ellison, operations manager for the Carriage Automotive Group in Gainesville, said more than 32 cars were keyed at the Nissan dealership.

“The gentleman walked on the lot at 1:22 in the morning on (Sunday) and keyed, or scratched, 32 of our cars, basically along the trunks of a lot of them; some along the side,” Ellison said.

He estimated the damage at $20,000, saying the dealership had suffered vandalism in the past but never “to this degree.”

“There’s been occasional damage to a car, but this is just malicious intentioned,” he said. “You’re talking about 32 cars. Even if the damage is only $500 apiece, you’re looking at at least (16) grand already — and that’s just on our lot.”

Ellison said a $5,000 reward has been established for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

Holbrook said damage also was done at Milton Martin Toyota, and Hall County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chad Mann said four cars were keyed at Milton Martin Honda.

Gainesville Police spokesman Cpl. Kevin Holbrook said the extent of vandalism at the lots was unprecedented.

“We have had other vandalism incidents in the past at dealerships, however, they were not to the scope of this incident,” he said.

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